September 29, 2011

Our First Sunday

As nice as it is to have a legitimate excuse to skip church, after 5 weeks we started to feel a tad bit guilty.  (A tiny, tiny tad.)

So, I woke up extra early, put on the one cute, boob-accessible outfit that fit and did my make up.  Clara demanded that I feed her instead of do my hair, so I happily obliged.  Then, I changed her diaper, pulled out the cute, vintage-inspired dress that Grandma had picked out, and nursed her until she passed out.  

Picture (not taken, darn it) perfect.

Then, I realized why people with kids are always late.  I mean, really, these little people have their own dang schedules and you better just learn to work with it!

Choosing a seat nearest the door, we prepared for the service to start, but not before they asked us to give the opening and closing prayers.  (Really?)  Needless to say, Clara and I made it halfway through Daddy's prayer and well... we were in the Mother's Lounge nursing during the closing prayer (and pretty much the rest of the time after taking the sacrament in the foyer).

Ah, the Mother's Lounge.

Does the fact that the majority of meeting buildings have Mother's Lounges mean that Mormons have a lot of babies or what?  Probably.  I'm just happy that I can go to church, escape from everyone, take off my shirt (okay, not quite), and sleep in a recliner.  I mean, it's pretty awesome.  

Holy goodness, she is lovable.

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