February 22, 2012

Fun With Clara

"If I were friends with Clara, what kind of fun would we have?"

First, we'd have some fun in our activity center.  That Elmo guy is one cool cat.  I especially enjoy his song about patty cakes, though the twinkle star tune isn't bad, either.

Then, we'd have a random photo shoot with mom.  She's really into this whole self-portrait thing.  It's kinda lame sometimes, but hey, who wouldn't want to take picture of themselves with me?

Speaking of photo shoots, I do enjoy a photo session that incudes a wardrobe and hair change.

I know I'm a girl, but I was going for a cross between Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean and Mel Gibson in The Patriot.  Did I nail it?  I thought so.

Well, that's just a preview of how much fun I have on a daily basis.  (I didn't want to give away all of my secrets in the first post.)  You should come over and play sometime!


  1. Ps: Thank you for commenting on my birth story! It meant a lot to me you took the time to read it. I also found it funny some of our similarities - when I read your birth story, I remember being very inspired by it and noticed we had a lot of the same feelings about birth. Yay for wonderful, beautiful births and even more beautiful daughters!