February 21, 2012

The Mitt Rally

Clara and I attended our very first presidential rally last night and it was an interesting experience.  It wasn't Mitt's speech or the protester with the "Spay and Neuter Republicans" sign; it was Clara's wild antics that made the night so special.

In her defense, she is a sick baby and I took her to an outdoor event, dangerously close to bedtime.  She made me pay for these missteps by shrieking anytime I sat down and going nuts when I tried to nurse her.  While I was trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to nurse her, she was punching, kicking, trying to rip my cover off, and screaming each time (out of a million) that she unlatched.  I looked up for a second to see a woman turning her husband away from looking in my direction and that's when I remembered why I never look up while nursing in public.

Even though it was mostly a disaster, it was still nice to get out of the house.
(This is the life of a mom, I guess.)

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  1. Good for you- politically motivated AND nursing in public! You are a regular mama rockstar.