February 1, 2012

Good Days Look Like This

There are things that I always mention in my prayers, so much so, that I wonder if I sound like a broken record or like I'm repeating some rehearsed monologue.  But the truth is, there are a handful of blessings (out of millions!) that I am so grateful for, with every fiber of my being, that I have to repeat them.  No matter how many prayers I say and different things I ask for, those "thank yous" stay the same.

For Clara, for Husband, for family, for Husband's work, for our health, for our safety.  

For normalcy.

And isn't it nice to be normal?  For our bodies to function normally, for a normal day, for normal meals, for normal things like clean laundry and running water and happy babies.

Sometimes I forget what a blessing "normal" can be.
And gee, it sure is nice to have such a high standard of "normal."

So, I'm off to enjoy these simple blessings that mean so much.  Have a great day!


  1. I love this! Great post, Kieren :)

  2. such a sweet post! And those are such great things to give gratitude to the Lord for :)