February 10, 2012

A Very Kieren Day

It was one of those Saturdays, where you pop out of bed at 7:30 am and choose adventure.  Inspired by one too many DIY blogs and feeling lucky, I threw on some pants, skipped my makeup, settled for glasses, and grabbed Clara.  We were off to the yard sales.

We didn't find anything worth buying.  
(I don't believe in your yard sale finds, Apartment Therapy!)

Then, Clara napped and I called my mom to ponder the question of attending the Historic Home Tour  by myself, with a baby strapped to my chest.  The Pipkin in me was spinning all sorts of awkward theories when suddenly, my mom offered her services as the Laverne to my Shirley.

Two hours later, we were standing in a bright blue kitchen from the 1950s.
(And I didn't take any pictures.)

Until I saw this awesome car, which happened to be of my most favorite variety, which is the Volkswagen variety.

And I stared.  And I dreamed.  And I would have killed for that car.

Until, I saw a car that was much more conducive to the heinous amount of children Husband plans on having.  

And I decided I would look pretty cool pulling up to Cafe Rio on Taco Tuesday with a flood of kids escaping my Ford Falcon.  Oh yeah.

We ended our day over cheeseburgers with Husband and a short stop to play with cousins.

Even without finding a mid-century, hardwood, less-than-$100 dresser, I'd call it a successful day.

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  1. You are so adventurous! I envy your energy. :)