May 1, 2012

Baby in the Shower Bottom

Every morning as Husband and I have taken our showers, Clara has played quietly outside the shower curtain.  She has progressed from smiling at the baby in the mirror, to playing with momma's makeup (still a favorite), to turning over garbage cans, to trying her darndest to get into the shower with mom and/or dad!

Our first attempt at a solution was to slide the pocket door closed enough that we could see and hear her, but that she couldn't get into the shower.

Oh, this did not go well.  Oh no, it did not.
(And she let us know about it!)

Eventually, Miss Clara had her way and crawled into the shower, clothes and diaper included.  Since that morning, we now undress Clara at the same time we do, leave her to play for a short while, and expect her to come army crawling into the bottom of the shower within the first two minutes.

It's too cute to discourage.


  1. Hahaha! That is so cute!!!

  2. That picture is so adorable. I can't believe you have been holding out on Miss C for so long. Showers are Dagny's absolute favorite.