May 18, 2012

A Day in the Shade

On Saturday morning, Clara and I headed to a new farmer's market.  It was a typical Arizona farmer's market, with homemade dogs treats and those gross honey sticks and a single vegetable stand.  Somehow I always manage to get my hopes up for these danged farmer's markets, which are nothing like the ones you find in states that actually have grass.  There's not a fruit or a flower to be seen for miles, and everything is overpriced.

Boo Arizona.

Clara and I topped off the morning with a breakfast picnic on the (sort-of greenish) wanna-be grass.  It was actually quite lovely lounging in the shade of a big tree and watching the airplanes pass overhead.


  1. I always had such high hopes for AZ farmer's markets, but always found what you did! Serious disappointment every time.