September 16, 2013

BBQ, Cake, Presents, and Grandparents

We had both sets of grandparents and both Mimis get together with us at our favorite BBQ place for Clara's birthday.  (Yum, pulled pork!)  

There are some moments that a mother will never forget.  The look on Clara's face as we sang, "Happy Birthday" to her is something I will always cherish.  I have never seen her look happier.  She knew she was in the spotlight at that moment and that she was/is so very loved.  I hope she knows that every day for the rest of her life.

Clara got the bulk of her presents that night.  She received books, art supplies (and an easel from us!), clothing and, her favorite gift ever (!), a pirate spyglass.

Seriously, you could not pry that spyglass out of her hands for a week after the party!

A big thank you and hugs to our wonderful family for being so good to Miss Clara.  We love you all!

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