September 14, 2013

Clara's Pirate Party

My little lady turned two last month.  I'm not ready for this growing up business.  In the grand scheme of things, we are little kids for such a short time.  That is really unfair to mothers, if you ask me!  I'm trying my very hardest to soak up every moment and store all of these sweet memories, but life never slows down and my brain sure has a difficult time keeping up.  I am so happy, and beyond grateful, that I get to spend every day with my sweet, funny, smart, sassy, crazy-haired girl.

Well, that's enough sappy stuff from me!  The pictures aren't the best, but here is the little pirate party that I threw for Clara and her gaggle of cute cousins.

The food was all pirate-themed:  Crab croissants, pb&j skulls, goldfish crackers, pirate jewels (fruit salad), pirate booty, swedish fish, fresh water, and sea water (blue punch).  The kids got to pick and frost their favorite cupcake.

I made all of the kids hats out of newspaper and painted them black.  I also made paper bag pinatas to look like Captain Hook and Jake from the Neverland Pirates.


It was a great little party.  I still can't believe that my baby is two...

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  1. Aw, looks like a great time! Can't believe she's 2 already.. time sure flies, huh?

    Thanks for the congrats on my post! We are so SO thrilled, it's still sort of surreal. We're almost 10 weeks at this point so not many people know... I'm sure it'll feel a bit more real soon. :)