July 8, 2011

iPhone Vomit

A cute little niece with the best poker face you've ever seen.  She doesn't fall for funny faces or silly voices, unless you're mommy or daddy.  I do wonder, though, will my kids look like this little one?  Her parents are definitely the closest "combination" to Husband and I.

Not creepy.

The twins at Cracker Barrel.  Husband was a first-timer and he was not impressed by the fried livers.  He definitely lost some brownie points with the dudes.

Evidence of the rollie pollie invasion.  Around this time of year, the rollie pollies (Husband calls them pill bugs) make the long trek to our garden oasis.  Upon their arrival, they are greeted by the waft of air conditioning underneath the front door.  Well, they don't knock, they just barge right in and head straight for the bathroom.  Why the bathroom, you ask?  This I don't know, but it is apparent that they have chosen it as their rollie pollie cemetery.

My sweet weight-gain-chart.  Really, this needs to be tracked for the posterity.

I wasn't planning on sharing this, but really, how could I not? 


  1. Your baby bump is adorable!!! And you have rollie pollies, Colorado has moths. YUCK!

  2. so glad you found me! love the rollie poly story. there's got to be some "gospel principle" story there :) - at least that would be funny. glad you shared the belly!

  3. Your belly is HUGE!!! I LOVE IT! We need to play the string game again :)

  4. I agree with Julie. I can't believe a baby fit in your tiny body! You look great Kieren!