July 9, 2011

Oh, To Be a Female

Lately, I’ve been thinking about lipstick.
Do you ever think about lipstick?

Currently, I own two lipsticks: An obnoxious red (from when I was a midget-version of Olive Oyl for Halloween) and a bright coraly-pink. Neither of these colors are very flattering. The red is too “stage makeup” and the coral clashes with my perpetual blushing.

I look at a lot of pictures of myself (you don’t?) and I appear a tad washed out. Either I need to pump up the eye makeup or add some lip color, you know? I already wear a ton of mascara, but I’m pretty dumb when it comes to eye shadow.

Shading? Eyelid crease? Blending? Huh?

But if I start wearing lipstick, does that make me an old lady? And I’m not even sure I can stand wearing lipstick; I don’t even wear chapstick or lip gloss.

This could pose a problem.

Maybe I’ll just stick with my Bella Swan vampire face.

And in case you were wondering, I get that crazy eyebrow from my grandma.


  1. Soooo I started wearing lip stick earlier this year after YEARS of my mom tellin gme I "needed some color" on my lips and I love it! I have one shade that I love, it's a pinky-mauvey kind of just amped up version of my lips.

    I think lip stick is a really easy way to boost your make up and for me it always makes me feel prettier (and therefore more confident)

    I do not care if old ladies wear it, they have more wisdom than me anyways, I should follow their lead!

    Wow this a long comment... : /

    PS I hate lip gloss too, it's sticky and creepy, I like lip stick much much better!

  2. A. Lauren looks like a sexy goddess in her lip stick.

    B. I, on the other hand, am not a lip stick fan- makes my lips feel dried out. But my issue with gloss has been its short life span (aka until I take a sip of tea every 5 seconds). So my solution- Loreal infallible lip gloss. I totes love it.