July 7, 2011

Practically Dissertation Worthy

The guys like to take naps, shoot guns, and work on projects.

Sometimes, I like to do the guy things, too. Being large and heavy with child, however, I find myself excluded from many of their activities. No four-wheeling or swimming in dirty rivers for this mama.

Naps I can do.

We did manage to take a nice drive into the wilderness on Sunday. Luckily, it wasn’t bumpy enough to bump my baby out, but I’m still wondering how the bean felt about the whole thing. For sure, baby friend was kicking away in there. Baby also did a lot of kicking during Transformers 3.


Do you ever wonder what babies think about in the womb? 
I'm really excited to find out one day.


While you ponder that, here is a picture of my brother and the cat named Brother.

Happy Thursday.

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