October 17, 2011

Nice Baby

This thing called sleep, I've done pretty well without it.  

I've tried my best to keep a positive prospective, to feel like sleeping six hours between 9:00 pm-7:00 am is the same as sleeping six consecutive hours.  I've ignored the urge to scream when I've read or heard about babies that slept through the night since birth.  I've talked myself down from the ledge of sleep training, remembering that my baby is too young to be scheduled.  I've felt the anger well up at my "I'm-so-tired"-husband who fell asleep at church, when I know he slept for 11 (consecutive!) hours last night.

Just when I started to unravel, my Clara came to the rescue, presenting me a golden four hours of sleep, all wrapped up together and tied with a pretty bow.

The glory!

My only job now is to keep things realistic: four hours probably won't happen again for a long while,  but I'll survive until it does.  Hopefully Clara will know when I need another break (in another 8 weeks?) and surprise me with a tasty chunk of four-hour sleep.

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